Tips on Changing Your Web Host

Sometimes you may find that you are not content with the services your present hosting company is providing. Maybe you are not getting enough bandwidth as you promised or customer support may be not as expected. At this moment you may take the decision to change your web host. However you may be in need of a guide or adviser to guide you through this switch. This article will help you in this matter.

A very important thing to be kept in mind here is that your website should always be up and running. The switch should not be such that while you are hunting for your new host, your website is down. If it is not possible, make sure that it is for the minimal period possible. You thus need to keep your account with your present host open. And before you severe all ties with your current host, you should make a copy of all files, scripts, dlls and the database for your website and save it on your computer.

Information about software, drivers, security settings, and registry entries should be taken note of and kept as a record as well. After that of course you look for a new host. This has to be kept in mind that you generally need consent from your old host (if that’s your admin contact) to move your site and if you ended on a bad note, that could pose little problems. The very next step is to upload all your saved files to the new server provided by the new host. To ensure that one is still receiving every email, it’s also important to keep the same email addresses. When you get registered with your web host, you get your domain name server. The new domain servers will generally take anywhere between twenty-four and forty-eight hours to be up and running and therefore, the old web host is responsible for the website in the meantime. That is why This article said at the beginning that your account with the previous host should remain open.