The Plex Geek Week Sale is back with a week-long Lifetime Plex Pass offer

The Plex Geek Week Sale is back! Geek Pride Day will be here on May 25th, but why wait to celebrate? In that spirit, Plex is gearing up for a Plex Pass sale! That’s right. The Plex Geek Week Sale is here, and you can enjoy a Lifetime Plex Pass, which we consider one of the best entertainment values on the market.

From Thursday, May 16 through 6:59 AM UTC on Saturday, May 25, 2024, personal media fans can get 20% off a Lifetime Plex Pass. That’s a lifetime upgrade for a one-time payment of $95.99 USD (regularly $119.99 USD).

Promo Code: GETGEEKY. Apply this code at checkout on the Plex website right here.

Here are some great reasons to take advantage of the Plex Geek Week Sale and the Lifetime Plex Pass offer.

The Plex Geek Week Sale is back with a week-long Lifetime Plex Pass offer
  • If your movie and music collection is up there with your life’s greatest achievements, a Plex Pass is an absolute must-have. A premium personal media experience with features that’ll help you see (and hear) your library in whole new ways.
  • For less than $100, this one-time upgrade is an investment that has a lifetime of returns. Here’s just some of what you’ll get:
  • Plexamp Exclusives: Get access to members-only Plexamp features like Sonic Sage, Guest DJ, Mix Builders, Related Tracks, and more.
  • Plex Dash: Fix up artwork. Refresh libraries. Inspect nerdy media details—all from the palm of your hand with our exclusive custom app.
  • Ultimate TV & DVR: With Plex Pass plus your tuner and antenna, you can watch, rewatch, and record your favorite HD broadcast content.
  • Trailers & Extras: Recreate a cinema experience with trailers that play before your movie. Dive into a movie with deleted scenes and gag reels.
  • Hardware Transcoding: Convert and stream HD or 4K video more smoothly to more devices at once, even when you’re far from home.
  • Skip Intro + Credits: Intros and credits can now be skipped automatically (bye-bye button), disabled (for credit lovers), or chosen manually each time via the Skip Credits button.
  • Rewind on Resume: Resume playback at none or various preset intervals between 1 and 30 seconds before the pause.
  • The Power to Download: Bring all your favorite personal movie and music collections wherever you roam, no internet required. Remember to call shotgun!
  • Pass Out Protection: To help prevent videos from autoplaying if you fall asleep, you can choose from several options to stop (or not stop) playback
    • Never Prompt (Disable Pass Out Protection)
    • After 1 hour
    • After 2 hours (Default)
    • After 3 hours

Pricing and dates are subject to change by Plex, we do not control any of this.