The New Housing: Innovation and Optimism at the Helm

Housing has reinvented itself. Those who are aware of the innovation skills of the portal would not be much surprised because the rebranding was anticipated. But the way the portal has crossed this threshold, it is surprising. No one would have anticipated that the technology start up would exhibit such positive spirit when connecting with the world. It seems that this spirit was hidden behind the scenes; away fromall stake holders. Now the new housing is able to share its enthusiasm that has so far been hidden from the world.

The portal has become a lot more colourful, which exhibits the vibrancy of the young minds at work. In its new vision statement, housing endeavours to make the world live better. It has taken on the mission to improve its services ten times over. This would be done by out seeing, out thinking and out doing competition and hurdles.

It is not surprising that this goal has been set by the portal is overtly ambitious. The three tenets that the mission statement is based on are the hallmarks of the inner-functioning of housing. Now they would become a part of the company’s culture; deeply ingrained in all processes at work in the company.

Optimism and Innovation

Whether you are looking for flats in Mumbai or a plot in Chennai, housing has always provided the solution. However if you initiate the search process on the portal now, you would come across a whole gamut of colours and a housing website that oozes with confidence. You open the web page and you are greeted with the new symbol that represents the positive and innovative spirit of the portal. You encounter the new logo of housing; the symbol to ‘Look Up’. This logo points towards dreaming big, looking beyond the need and aiming for a better life. This logo also represents that housing would forge ahead, creating new processes and innovation driving it into the future. It invites all stake holders to accompany it by visualizing better lives themselves.

In the new portal, a variety of colours greet you. These colours infuse a sense of positive spirit which has become a crucial driving force of the portal. Optimism accompanies innovation. Housing believes that there cannot be sustainable development without a positive outlook for the future.

The New Website Looks

The new website is resplendent with the housing logo. One can watch in depth the spirit of the logo as the new vision of housing is revealed. The page is even simpler to look at now. Crisp new options are available for all property related services. The ‘elegance’ of the website is exhibited in its simplicity, which belies the intricacies at work in the background.

Housing does not boast about its skills. It merely renders results in a simple format for the users to see. There is emphasis on the new brand without a doubt. However with this branding effort, the portal merely tries to connect with its users better. With endless possibilities in future, it would eventually be the end users who would be responsible for unravelling the best options. That is the quest that the portal invites everyone to embark on.

In Conclusion

The new housing web page is more spirited and compact. It shows that housing is ready to step into the unknown future with confidence; innovation at the helm.