Spy Pen Voice Recorder

The spy pen voice recorder is one of the lesser used but better known spy pens available on the market today. It offers a high quality audio recording coupled with cheap costs. It is a versatile device that can create audio tracks compatible with most digital devices around.

Even with a device as simple as this there are multiple variations that exist. The first finds it use as more of a fun device that wont offer you any serious recording opportunities. The second is a more professional device and usually has a much higher standard available with more options and upgrades.

1. In built Speaker Spy Pen Recorder

This is the first type of device, in simplistic terms it works in very much the same way as a digital pen, you push a button it records, end of. But when you look at its practicalities for use you find a different story.

First off this type of device normally contains a small speaker embedded into the device, this allows you to record audio tracks then play them back to yourself.

This speaker creates a few problems though. It uses up valuable space within the pen leaving less room for memory and quality microphones, this sacrifices the quality and length of track you can record.

These pens normally have no way of choosing what to play so you end up recording 1 huge audio track that you have to listen to the whole way through every time. This can get annoying is you are recording different events at different times. However is great for single uses at a time and having a little bit of fun. The price normally reflects the limitations of the device so all in all there great little devices.

2. Digital Spy Pen Voice Recorder

This is the model that is for the more serious individual.

DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is embedded within the pen; all recording tracks are relayed to this and formed into a digital file. Unlike the other type this type of spy pen can be connected to a pc or playback device and have the clip download, this is when the greater versatility of the device shows up. You can then flick through each track and play it back without having to filter through hours of unwanted audio.

The draw back is however you can listen to anything where you stand, if you want to listen to your tracks on the move you will need to carry a DVR player around with your spy pen recorder. Both models have their limitations, just make sure you get the right one to suit your needs.