Software Development Project Management

Software development companies hire project managers to oversee the life cycle of software development and ensure all work is completed on time, on budget and to specification. Project managers have a wide ranging role – they must manage, plan and be responsible for a wide range of people and projects. Project managers are appointed for the purpose of ensuring deliverables are excellent as possible.

The selection of an effective software development methodology is crucial to a successful software project of development. A well chosen methodology implemented by a good project manager can deliver a high quality end product on budget and on time.

Software development project management is a tricky business and can be fraught with failure is the project manager is not experience or capable enough to successfully manage the project.

The process of software development project management involves the following steps:

1. Understanding requirements

A software project manager for development must fully and completely understand the requirements of the project whether they come from inside the business or a client. It is his or her job to ensure the delivered project meets the clients needs and expectations by doing a proper requirements analysis.

2. Risk analysis

Risk analysis is an important step that should be completed before the project is started. A manager of project should evaluate all risks involved with the project including technological issues, resources or even politics. He or she should try to avoid risk as much as possible.

3. Design

A project manager has to be in tune with the developers. He has to work with the developers at the development stage ensure work is completion on time and on budget. While working with the developers the developer must understand that the manager often knows best and work closely with them to deliver the best they can. Developers should also, in turn, suggest best practices and ideas that will ensure good quality software.

4. Measuring and tracking progress

It is necessary to report and document progress throughout the software development process. A number people could be working on the project in parts, to know time frames and who is doing what and when it is completed, it is necessary to measure your teams progress and keep a track until the software is delivered.

5. Delivering

Last but not the least, delivering the software in perfect functionality is golden. Once delivered and tested, the software should run error free otherwise client is going to raise questions on time and effort taken to develop the software. Long standing business relationships are built on quality, not quantity.