SBA Loan Default: Does This Mean Bankruptcy for the Enterprise Owner?

Is the VA Hybrid a Good Loan For Me?

Many Veterans are getting mailers or advertisements offer VA streamline loans with rates of 3.0% apr or lower. These low rates are offered on the 3yr or 5yr VA Hybrid loan.

Understanding how the VA Hybrid works is important when deciding if it is the right loan for you. The VA took the best of the fixed rate mortgages and the best of the adjustable rate mortgages (yes that’s right, there are some very good components of adjustable rate mortgages.)

Some of the ways that the VA Hybrid loan limits risk for Veterans include:

    • Interest rate is fixed and guaranteed for the first 3 or 5 years

Remember, if you have a VA loan you are always eligible for the VA streamline loan. If you are considering a refinance using a VA Hybrid loan make sure you speak with a loan officer who specializes in VA loan that can help you analyze the pros and cons of all of your loan options.

Is the VA Hybrid a Good Loan For Me?

The Offer in Compromise does NOT require the borrower to declare bankruptcy.