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Swap channels similar to Twitter and RSS have grown in popularity. Despite these new forms of communication a great aged email newsletter still has a certain charm. A newsletter that is current and relevant will still draw a strong audience.
Email Newsletters – Where a Provider Pays
There are no shortages of newsletters on the Internet. Businesses seeking to stay in touch with their customers are using tools like Mail Chimp, Campaign Monitor or Constant Contact. These types of services allow the user to more effectively promote their products or services.
Web publishers, including bloggers, use the RSS technology to update newsletter and blogs. Forms of RSS include services such as FeedBurner, AWeber or FeedBlitz.
Email Newsletters – Where a Subscriber Pays
Some newsletters are free and some are subscription based. As an example, financial newsletters or blogs that provide investment advice would be good examples of subscription newsletters. Many newsletters and blogs are free to the user and are supported by advertising and affiliate links.
If you are interested in launching a subscription based newsletter or blog there is a service that might be of value to your efforts. The site is called LETTER.LY.
Signing up with LETTER.LY is as simple as a few clicks of your mouse. They can set you up so that you can receive credit card payments from your subscribers. So if you are interested in starting your own subscriber newsletter you might want to contact the folks at LETTEER.LY
It doesn’t get any easier than this. Thanks Mathew Ingram.
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