PreSonus announces new Quantum Audio Interfaces

PreSonus isn’t a new brand, but we’ve recently started covering some of the company’s releases. Considering my coverage of guitars and guitar related devices, the gear that PreSonus makes was a perfect fit for those categories. The company has just announced four new Quantum Audio Interfaces, which should pique the interest of those who are looking for an audio interface.

The new line of Quantum Audio Interfaces crafted for every level of recording in mind. The all-new PreSonus interfaces will be available in four models: Quantum ES 2, Quantum ES 4, Quantum HD 2, and Quantum HD 8.

These interfaces offer creators the ability to produce, record, mix, and master their audio all in one space with unrivaled hardware and software integration. Featuring all-new MAX-HD mic preamps, high quality low-noise converters, custom-low latency drivers, and front-facing instrument inputs co-developed with Fender®, Quantum allows users to capture their creativity and power their production projects. Best yet, these all-new USB-C audio interfaces will easily integrate with Studio One, so users can select from custom templates and control Quantum directly from their digital audio workstation. 

PreSonus announces new Quantum Audio Interfaces

Users can level up their recording experience with powerful new features like:

  • Auto Gain – Users can use this button to set their level preference to ensure the perfect take every time.
  • Loopback – Allows users to monitor and stream mixes without the hassle of time delays.
  • Reamping – Guitarists who use a Quantum HD interface will benefit from the reamping feature, allowing for an advanced level of creative experimentation.
  • Universal Control – Creatives can access functions to control routing and critical preamp functions like preamp gain, phantom power, and more right from their mobile or desktop device.

The ES-series interfaces, available in two models – the ES 2 and ES 4 –  are elegantly designed, ergonomic desktop recording solutions that are ideal for home studios and creators on-the-go. The HD-series also comes in two models – the HD 2 and HD 8. The HD 2 is a desktop powerhouse with 32-bit converters, colossal dynamic range, and expanded connectivity. The HD 8 is the rack-mountable, flagship model within the new line that also boasts 32-bit converters and expansive input and output options.

All four of the new products within the range come with access to PreSonus’ award-winning DAW via Studio One+. The ES-series models come with 6-months of access to Studio One+, while the HD-series comes with a full 12-months of Studio One+ Hybrid, awarding users with a perpetual license of Studio One Pro at the end of their year.