How to Get Tax Assist with Your Offshore Bank Account if You Missed the FBAR Amnesty Deadline for IRS Voluntary Disclosure

The IRS has found that the back tax money in offshore accounts is gigantic. The IRS is eying over $100 billion in unpaid FBAR back taxes stashed in offshore accounts.

Now that the FBAR amnesty deadline has passed, the only way to avoid the wrath of the IRS’s intensified federal crackdown on offshore accounts is contacting a FBAR tax attorney or tax resolution specialist who can mount an offshore tax evasion defense by drafting a voluntary disclosure agreement. ;Retaining effective offshore tax evasion defense means that your FBAR;tax attorney, tax resolution specialist or CPA will take over all communications with the IRS, making the required disclosures, filing FBAR reports and amending tax returns typically for 2003 thru 2008.

Prosecutions of offshore account holders in UBS tax cases are making headlines across the world while sending the message that the IRS will not tolerate offshore tax evasion.

  • Get together all your offshore accounts. Those safe offshore account tax havens are an endangered species on the verge of extinction.
  • Contact a FBAR tax attorney or tax resolution specialist – make sure you retain a pprofessional with a proven track record of successfully handling offshore tax evasion cases. Battling the IRS on offshore tax evasion charges requires the highest level of tax law legerdemain.