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Mapping the Cochlear Implant - A Parent's Guide to Understanding a Cochlear Implant Programming

Programming of the cochlear implant, or what is commonly called a “Mapping”, refers to the setting of the electrical stimulation limits necessary for the cochlear implant user to “hear” soft and comfortably loud sound.

Threshold levels are set to allow the user access to soft speech and outside sounds. Comfort Levels refers to the amount of electrical current one needs for perception of a comfortably loud ‘beeping’ signal.

Threshold (T-levels) measurements may be obtained in several ways, depending the age or functioning level of the patient. The stimulation is reduced to the lowest detectable level.

For children over 5, a loudness scaling chart or verbal response is used to determine Comfort Levels.

The mapping report provides printed out information on map parameters, threshold and comfort level settings.

Mapping the Cochlear Implant – A Parent’s Guide to Understanding a Cochlear Implant Programming

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