How Does Consumer Debt Counseling Services Influence My Credit Score?

How Do You Ask For a Credit Card Limit Increase?

Depending on the way you handle your credit card spending, many banks will automatically give you a higher credit card limit after a specified period of time. Paying on time is one the best ways to increase your chances of getting a higher credit card limit. Most credit cards charge a hefty fee for over-the-limit spending. This reinforces to the bank that you are a good credit risk.

The bank will be more reluctant to increase your credit limit if the card is not used on a regular basis. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by burying yourself in credit card debt.

Don’t assume your credit limit will be automatically increased. Many banks do raise credit limits and some don’t. If you are taking all the steps listed above, you can call your bank or credit card company and personally ask for an increase. If you have an online account for your credit card, you can also look for a button or link once you log in that will allow you to request a credit line increase.

Getting a higher credit card limit has advantages, even if you don’t use the full amount. When you fall behind on current credit obligations the lenders will report these defaults to the credit bureaus.