Ghana Delegation Launches Agricultural Services During U.S. Visit

Ghana Delegation Launches Agricultural Services During U.S. Visit

FAGRO 2011

Fargo, N.D. (PRWEB) May 27, 2011

Concluding a week-long trip to the U.S., a Ghanaian delegation launched a national farm show and an agricultural-focused multi-media platform to gain North American agri-business support. The National Food and Agriculture Show (FAGRO) and Farm Channel share a common goal – to support the country’s rapidly growing agricultural sector with modern production practices that are low-cost and environmentally sustainable.

“As we move from subsistence agriculture, we need machinery and technology and know how to use them,” explains Cecilia Erzuah, finance and administration officer of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture in Ghana. “We want to learn lessons from North America’s agriculture success. FAGRO will enable agricultural suppliers showcase their products, and it lets our markets know what they have. Farm Channel uses media to promote our extension services and provide information to farmers.”

FAGRO is a national agricultural trade event that brings together domestic and international companies to present new technologies, trends in agricultural marketing, farm business management and production practices. The 2011 event will be October 7-16 in Accra, Ghana. With a launch to North American businesses, FAGRO organizers hope to heighten international interest in the show and the country’s agricultural potential within the following sectors:

    Farm machinery and equipment
    Agricultural inputs
    Farm and agribusiness services
    Agricultural commodities and value-added products

Complementing FAGRO’s information-sharing platform, Farm Channel is a multi-media communications initiative that will supply year-round information important to agricultural, food and rural development. Television shows, mobile content, radio programs, internet publications and live events will reach millions of farmers and farm villages while creating an industry network.

Dr. Delore Zimmerman is co-founder, president and CEO of Praxis Strategy Group, a host of the delegation. “One of the biggest challenges in Ghana and the rest of Africa is getting out information on best practices in agriculture,” he says. “Already we have produced a TV show on crop diseases, and we’re creating radio shows and web-enabled mobile services. The country has an amazing rural mobile infrastructure that can support our Farm Channel goals.”

Ghana will be one of the top ten fastest growing economies in the world from 2011-2015. Accounting for approximately 42 percent of the nation’s GDP and 54 percent of its labor force, agriculture is the driving force behind the growing economy. Ghanaian farmers grow a diverse mix of crops including cocoa, cassava, citrus, pineapple, palm oil and mangos.

The Ghanaian delegation toured Washington, D.C. and North Dakota with its hosts, AdFarm and Praxis Strategy Group. The two North American companies are co-founders of Praxis Africa, which will lead the implementation of Farm Channel and FAGRO. A unique enterprise, Praxis Africa combines the specialties of AdFarm, a full-service marketing communications agency with strong connections within the Ag industry, and Praxis Strategy Group, an economic research, strategy and development company.

About AdFarm

AdFarm, a full-service marketing communications agency, is committed to the advancement of agriculture. Its strong connections within the ag industry yield deeper insights, resulting in more focused and higher-impact solutions for its clients. With more than 100 employees, it has offices in Calgary, Alberta; Guelph, Ontario; Kansas City and St. Louis, Mo.; Fargo, N.D.; and Sacramento, Calif. For more information, or to follow AdFarm’s “Around the Farm” blog, visit

About Praxis Strategy Group

Praxis Strategy Group is an economic research, strategy and development company that works with businesses, universities and government to become more competitive in a hyper-dynamic global economy. Praxis works with leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators to turn ideas into opportunities and channel energy into action. Our subsidiary, Praxis Energy Group, develops community-based energy systems. Praxis Africa, headquartered in Accra, Ghana, works with the agriculture sector to identify and reach new international markets.



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