Getting Government Grants To Start Your Business – Get Your Business Going With Free Grant Money

There has been a lot of help offered by the government due to the economy. Many struggling individuals have been on the receiving end and have found the help beneficial to their livelihood – All of these due to several grants introduced in the 2009 Stimulus package.

These grants have made it possible for purchasing cars, homes, food and clothing and yes – starting new businesses. Many entrepreneur hopefuls are taking advantage of the many available grants designed specifically for new businesses.

If you’re interested in receiving a business grant here’s what you should know;

*There are government grants that have been set aside for small businesses to get off the ground and running.

*The SBA (Small Business Administration) has grant support programs for intermediary lending institutions, the state & local governments and non profit organizations. Grants given are used to expand & enhance technical & financial assistance for business. You should know; the SBA does not give grants for small dealings.

*When approaching the SBA, have a well put together plan – One that is descriptive and explains your marketing techniques as well as financial and management planning. Be sure to have supporting documents and the financial projections in your executive summary.

If you qualify and receive a business grant you’ll be well on your way but keep in mind that the Obama Stimulus package has also provided personal loans to individuals as well. Borrowing these loans allows you to invest in your trade.

The Small Business Administration has Business Development Centers (SBDCs) that can provide you with more information such as training, professional assistance and technical support concerning business management.

Bottom line is to not let the lack of finances stop your drive for opening your own business. The money is available, but you have to be looking in the right places.