Free Web Page Hosting

The world is experiencing economic crisis now. So everybody is trying to consider carefully what he/she wants to spend on. Even internet business owners are cutting down expenses also. Therefore, for the owners of small business web pages on the net, you need to put into consideration some important things that you need to be successful on the net. If you have very little money to spend, you might think of just getting a single web page on the net by securing the service of free hosting companies on the net. You might think you are saving money as a result of that. No. it is not always true. Most of the time, hosting your site on the net using free web hosting services gives many disadvantages that could ruin your business. Let consider some of the reasons you do not need to depend on free web hosting services. They could be disastrous.

They are not reliable. Yes. Free web hosting services are not reliable. Do not forget the service is free, so you have no right to demand effectiveness and reliability. The reliability of the server facilities of the company that is hosting your site is very important to the success of your business online. What can you get from a hosting company that has reliable server facilities? Number one, your site is always available for people to see and access at anytime anywhere. This means there is no time that visitors are denied from getting to your site. Another thing you get from a reliable server facility is a quick respond to your need. A quick and fast loading website allows Google to rank your site higher. Therefore, your webpage need to have a good response time. Can you demand all these from a free web hosting service provider? No. they do not usually have enough money to spend to get all these things.

You do not have the ability to have your business website branded. You brand your site by your domain name. your domain name gives you your identity. When you use free web hosting services, your web is hosted on a sub domain that your free web hosting company provides. Therefore, anytime you try to get traffic to your site, you also advertise and promote the domain name of your free web hosting company. Also, sub-domains are not ranked higher by search engines. They have lower ranking weight. At the end you will have to get your site away from them when you must have discovered that you have wasted your effort.

Another disadvantage you get is very limited customer support service. It is very costly for any site, especially web hosting sites to have a bad customer support services. For example, to get trained and qualified employees, you need to spend a lot. Free web hosting companies do not have enough money for this. This is why their source or method of rendering customer support service has been through e-mail. This means you need to wait for the e-mail respond to get to your box before your problem can be solved, if at all it is enough to solve it. This could mere your business for the day.

Do not think that free web hosting services are expected to exist. You could need the service for private or new website/page testing. However, if you want to succeed online, go for reliable web hosting companies that only require very little amount from you per month.