Fashion Institute of Technology

If your goal is to become a fashion designer, you will want to go to fashion design school. One of the most prestigious and recognized schools is The Fashion Institute of Technology. With the right training you open up all kinds of career opportunities. The Fashion Institute of Technology is an internationally recognized college for fashion, design, communications, art, and business.

There are universities and colleges around the globe that offer a number of fashion design programs allowing you to earn an associate degree or your bachelor’s degree in fashion. It’s important that you ensure the program you plan to register in is accredited, reliable, and recognized within the industry itself. Ensuring the fashion school is accredited is important; however, that does not guarantee that there classes are of the caliber to be highly recognized out in the real world, so do your homework.

While taking fashion courses it’s a good idea to take some business and communication courses as well, so that you will be in a much better position to market the clothing you design.

In today’s market a high percentage of fashion sales will come from online, so it’s also important to have some technical skills to go with those business skills.

If you ever wondered where the best fashion design school was, you should wonder no more. Of course, everyone can’t go to the same school, and you should always go where you feel happy, but as far as the fashion industry goes, the Fashion Institute of Technology, also called FIT, located on 7th Avenue in New York City, is the best fashion school you can find in America.

It should be no surprise that getting admitted into the Fashion Institute of Technology is not easy. Admissions is the same whether you are enrolling as a full time or part time student. You will be evaluated on your grades, class rank, and be required to write an essay. A strong B grade point average is usually enough to get you enrolled but if demand is high this could be higher. You also must submit a portfolio for review by the Fashion Institute of Technology. Make sure the portfolio you build to submit to the Fashion Institute of Technology includes your very best fashion designs you have put together over the years. Either photograph them or sketch them.

If your plan is to apply to Fashion Institute of Technology make sure that you take as many art courses as possible throughout high school. It is smart to reveal any other fashion experience you might have when you apply to the Fashion Institute of Technology. Think about organizing a high school fashion show as a fundraiser, or do some volunteer work as a model. You might even offer to write a fashion column for your local paper or high school paper.

Finally, have fun – enjoy your time at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Work hard your entire time there and get to know your fellow designers. They can be inspiring and help to improve your creativity. By the time you are finished you want to have a competitive edge. There are exciting opportunities awaiting you in Paris, Milan, Hong Kong, London, and right here in New York City. It’s only the beginning.