Causes why you are Over Charged on your Credit Card

Free Credit Check!

Many companies that specialize in credit repair or offer to clean bad credit reports up will offer a free consultation. Some call this a free credit check. The companies that specialize in bad credit repair generally focus on removing inaccurate, obsolete or unverifiable information from you credit reports. The credit bureaus make mistakes, creditors that report information make mistakes and if you do not review your credit report occasionally for inaccurate information, then your credit scores may be suffering.

Before you can attempt to clean bad credit, you need to know why you have bad credit.

Occasionally Fair Isaac runs a special at offering consumers a free credit check. Fair Isaac also makes suggestions about how you can improve your FICO score, clean bad credit or establish good credit, if you are lacking in that department. When you review the information on your credit report (that was the free credit check) and have negative information removed, your FICO score will improve.

Making false statements on a credit application is illegal. You get to clean bad credit effectively and legally.

Free Credit Check!