Basic Points on Web Design & Development

Web design and development is a unique skill that is focused to create content presentations which can be delivered through the World Wide Web by web site enabled software and other clients to an end user. Web designs may be compared to a book. The website is equal to a book and the web pages are like those of the pages of a book. The websites may also be referred to as information display containers, that contain the data which the particular designer intends to show.

Web design and development can be done by following two frame works of construction viz., digital code and display technology. These frameworks facilitate the maintenance of the website in the World Wide Web environment and also help in releasing multi-format information. Of late computers and information technology has gained so much power that any information needed can be got through the websites. They try to fulfill the increasing demands of the users in a sophisticated way. There are four basic aspects of a web design namely the content, the usability, its appearance and the visibility. The content should contain the information which is relevant to the site that is being created and to be used. These webs should be user-friendly in all ways. Web sites with good graphics and interesting features attract users and the style should also be single and professional.

Relevance to all the above, the content, its usability and appearance should be maintained in all its web pages. Most of all it is important to maintain clear visibility and the web site should be easily accessible through major search engines and other advertisement media. The non design aspects like writing markup, coding etc refers to the web design and development. They can be developed as single static simple web page or a complex site. Large teams are put together for the development of websites in bigger organizations. People developing websites may be called as web developers or web masters. The work depends upon the website to be created, techniques and information to be loaded and the company that creates.

The cost of web design and development has considerably come down during these years and the techniques are also very simple. The basic and typical web development criteria are client side coding containing CSS, XHTML and server side coding like PHP, ASP.NET, MySQL, Java etc,. Other interdisciplinary skills like graphic designing, architecture and copywriting are followed by web designers to keep up with the demand of the company and the public. With these any website may be developed according to the masters requirements. Web design and development has become crucial these days as the demand for information is on the increase and the sophistication with which such sites are created increases their usage.